Big Brew Day 2017

Nevin’s Draft Company will be hosting us again this year, only with a twist!

Nevin’s Head Brewer, Marc, will be brewing an unhopped base wort which will be divided amongst the participants. At this point in the process, brewers can add whatever they like and boil as usual.

Here are the stats on the wort to be provided:
SG: 1.062
Color: 6.5 SRM
Pilsner Malt (Weyermann) – 51.2%
White Wheat (Rahr) – 17.4%
Vienna Malt (Weyermann) – 12.8%
Munich Type I (Weyermann) – 12.8%
Flaked Wheat (Gilbertson & Page) – 5.8%

Date: Saturday, May 6th @ 11AM
Location: Nevin’s Draft Company

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