New Members

Welcome prospective Society member!

If you are visiting this page, then you must have some interest in joining us.  You will find the quick run-down about the Club here.  For more detailed answers to the listed topics, follow the links where available.

What is the Spent Grain Society?

The Spent Grain Society is a Homebrew Club that was formed to provide a social and educational outlet to homebrewers of all levels.

When does the Spent Grain Society meet? Where?

The Spent Grain Society meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  Our permanent home is Nevin’s Brewing Company in Plainfield, IL.  See the map at the bottom of the page for directions.

What benefits will I get out of joining the Spent Grain Society?

You will get whatever you want out of this Club and the Club will be whatever you make of it.  What we offer is a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking a myriad of things.

  • Seeking to better your homebrew skills?  We have members that are long-time brewers in extract, all-grain, and even a few professionals!
  • Seeking a social setting where you can share the product of your hobby?  We have our monthly meeting as well as organized events during the month.
  • Looking to have friendly competitions each month against other homebrewers?  We have you covered!
  • Seeking beer and homebrew-centric conversations over Social Media?  We have you covered! (FB G+)
  • Looking to make new friends that share your hobby?  This is the right environment to make that happen!
  • Looking for homebrew recipes?  We are building a library of them!
  • Wanting to get s**tfaced on homebrew?  Well, in that case… no, we are not the Club for you, sorry.  While we do enjoy the sharing of homebrew with our fellow Club members, the goal is the enjoyment of the craft, not the abuse of it.

Do you charge Dues to be a member? Why?

Yes, we charge Dues to be a member.  Why do we charge Dues?  Well, that requires a dry, boring, but serious explanation.The Spent Grain Society is a Social Club based on the creation and consumption of alcohol.   Homebrew beer, but alcohol none-the-less.  Any activities organized by the Club will, more than likely, involve alcohol.  This creates a liability for the Club, especially the Officers of the Club.  God Forbid, but if somebody should get into an accident returning home from a Club event, the injured parties could sue the Club for damages.  To protect the Club and its Officers from the potential of a lawsuit, the Club needs to purchase insurance, the same as any commercial bar would.  However, to purchase insurance for the Club, the underwriters require that we have a 501(c)(7) Social Club classification with the IRS.  To get a 501(c)(7) classification with the IRS, we have to be organized as a non-profit corporation and we also have to collect Dues.  (Seriously, it is written into their requirements).  So, to keep the Officers and Club members from being sued into oblivion, we have to collect Dues to be a 501(c)(7) to buy insurance.

OK, you charge dues, how much and when? What do I get for it?

Dues are $12/year, which comes out to a dollar per month.  They are due in January of each year.  If you join mid-year, we will prorate your dues from the date you officially join the Spent Grain Society.  What you will get from it is a lovely badge with your name on it.  This badge can be used to get you a 10% discount on grain, hops, and yeast, at Chicago Brew Werks in Plainfield, IL.  More locations are coming soon!  it also gets you access to our FaceBook and Google+ pages, where you can chat with your fellow Club members.  Will also give you access to our member pages on this website which will get access to member recipes and other goodies.

How do to join the Spent Grain Society?

  • Attend any regularly scheduled meeting.  We meet the Third Wednesday of every month at Nevin’s Brewing Company in Plainfield, IL.
  • Speak to an Officer at the front table.  Make sure to bring an ID to prove you are at-least 21 years of age.
  • If you have it, bring a bottle of your Homebrew to share with the other Club members. (not required for the first meeting)
  • Hang out, get a feel for the Club, and decide if this is something you want to be a part of.
  • If you want to become a full member, awesome! Talk to an Officer, provide some very basic contact information, pay your Dues, and you are a member.  You can do it during your first meeting, or at the start of your second; the choice is yours!  Please note, you do not have to pay Dues or provide your contact information before attending the first meeting.  We want you to check us out and decide if this is something you wish to be a part of, first!